Yufuin | Japan adventure 2015

After visiting Kagoshima, we took our first Shinkansen (aka bullet train).  Wow, what an amazing way to go!  So fast, smooth and quiet at 180ish miles an hour.  Wish we had them in the states for sure!

Train composite

Then we switched to a local train to continue our trip to Yufuin.  It certainly wasn’t as fast, but it was easier to see the landscape go by: orchards, rice fields, bamboo forests, quaint villages… we saw it all!

Local train composite

Yufuin is a lovely resort town comprised of two main streets filled with cute shops and restaurants, and frequented by a lot of Chinese tourists.  We stayed at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) with a several private in-house hot springs, which we took full advantage of.

Ryokan composite

We spent two days walking the streets of Yufuin during the day and soaking in the hot springs in the evenings — sure could have used a few more days of that.  Highlights: the fish pedicure (we didn’t actually do it as it look like it tickled A LOT) and the cat store (two floors full of every cat item imaginable and then some).

Streets of Yufuin composite 2





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