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365 project week 41 | kirkland, wa family photographer

It’s starting to feel like the holidays are inching closer, what with our turkey sighting and early Christmas gift to ourselves.  Luckily the weather is still cooperating, mostly, so it doesn’t feel quite like that time of the year.  But I’m coming up on ready, as I do enjoy the holidays.  Just not quite prepared for those holiday decorations showing up in stores yet, when Halloween still hasn’t happened.  🙂


365 project week 41

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365 project week 39 | kirkland, wa family photographer

Week 39…  sliding into October.   How did that happen?!  I just blinked and September is gone.  Do you feel that way, too, or is it just me?  And now that it is October, I can see the slippery slope that is the holidays.  Not that I mind, as I enjoy the holidays.  It’s just that I feel like I’d like a little more warning.  Maybe a big CAUTION sign that pops up in mid September to remind me what’s coming around the bend sooner than I think.  Who do we need to talk to about that?  Anyway, now that we’re settling back into routine, I’m guessing you’ll probably be getting more cat and chicken pictures again.  Hopefully you missed them this summer and are ready for more.  🙂

365 project week 39


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Sisters in the garden | seattle, wa family photographer

I had so much fun meeting this family and exploring the Woodland Park Zoo rose garden on a gorgeous sunny morning last weekend.  We saw bunnies and bees and the smell was just heavenly!  These sisters had so many great ideas on where to go and what to do, it was better than an assistant!  And did you see those eyes?!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, “G” family!

G family composite


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365 project week 36 | kirkland, wa family photographer

Interestingly, this project seems to be getting more difficult.  I don’t know if it’s that I feel like I’m running out of things to photograph, or that it’s because school is back in session, or that I’m just loosing steam.  Regardless, I will stick it out — I’m motivated to have every day represented in my end-of-year album.  There may just be more cat and chicken pictures coming your way again.  😉

365 project week 36

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365 project week 35 | kirkland, wa family photographer


Another week gone… and we’re that much closer to the end of the year.  You can feel it creeping up, even though I’m sure we still have plenty of nice, summery feeling days ahead.  There is just something different in the air.  Don’t mean to be melancholy, it just goes by so fast sometimes it really floors me.  Part of the reason for this project, I guess.  This week was all about celebrating school and fall and the fun things that come with it.


Project 365 week 35

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365 project week 34 | kirkland, wa family photograher

I’m behind again…  it’s what happens during the summer.  But now that school’s back in session, I should be able to post on time again, right?  😉  We had a fun last week before school camping with friends and heading to the coast for a little beach time.  At least this year it didn’t pour down rain (although the girls thought that was pretty fun, too).  When can we go back?!

365 project week 34

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Summer fun | kirkland, wa family photographer

I had so much fun with this family last weekend: great location, beautiful sunshine and adorable, cooperative kids.  Dad was a trooper, tromping all over the park with a sprained ankle.  And to top it all off, mom has the distinction of being the only person to paint their toenails DURING a session — and I didn’t even notice her doing it.  She was just that good.  🙂  What more could you ask for in a session?!

B family teaser

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Bundle of fun | kirkland, wa family photographer

I have know Dad for 20-mumble-mumble years and loved watching him marry his amazing wife 13 years ago.  But this was the first time I had the chance to meet their four kids and see them together as a family.  It’s such a neat thing to feel connected to people after all these years that technically, you don’t know all that well except for via Facebook, and yet you feel like you really do know them.  It just feels comfortable and fun and right.  They are now off on their next big adventure — moving overseas — so even though our time was short, it was well spent.  And now my family will have friends in a new place to visit!  Best of luck, R family — you’ll do great!  With that bundle of energy, how can you go wrong?  🙂

R family sneak peek


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365 project week 19 | kirkland, wa family photographer

This last week was a bit of an uninspired one for me — a hard week to find something for my pictures.  And some weeks are going to be like that…  I just have to get over it.  Just like sometimes life is fun and exciting, and sometimes it’s not at all.  But it’s all good nonetheless.

365 project Week 19

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It’s so fun to be two! Except when it’s not. | Kirkland, WA childrens photographer

I have to say, I think two-year-olds may be the most challenging of all subjects to photograph, but also one of the most fun!  Such a range of expressions and emotions in the course of an hour!  And of course, a lot of “no”s.  🙂  This little one sure made me work for it, but we had a great time in the rain, sun and especially bubbles!


2 year old kirkland wa

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