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Bundle of joy | Redmond, WA newborn photographer

It’s always a pleasure to photograph a beautiful sleepy newborn, but what a treat to be able to do that for friends!  I teach with this amazing new momma and so enjoyed the opportunity to photograph her 9-day old tiny bundle of joy.  He slept for me like a pro and then proceeded to remain awake through all the family shots, so I had a lot of fun with that.  And I’ve already volunteered to babysit.  🙂

C family composite

Worth the wait {Kirkland, WA newborn photographer}

I seem to have gotten behind on my blog posts this summer. but didn’t want to keep this family waiting, so I guess I’ll be working backwards in time.  Miss H’s session was actually on the schedule for the beginning of the summer, but due to some unexpected time in the NICU, we postponed it until her two month birthday.  I have to say she was well worth the wait!  What a fighter in so many ways — not only has she made great strides in her recovery, but she really didn’t want to sleep for me either!  She definitely made me work for it.  🙂  This little girl has got so much going for her with amazing parents, big sister and extended family — she will have so much support and love in her life in all the things to come.  It was a privilege for me to document this time in her life.

Hayden blog composite

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Babies! {Kirkland, WA newborn photographer}

This post took a bit longer to get up than I had hoped, but sometimes, life just gets in the way of your plans.  Anyway, a few weeks back, I attended an amazing, hands-on newborn workshop with the very talented Charlotte Gamache Photography.  And as there were only two of us participating, it was REALLY hands-on!  I had the opportunity to pick blankets, props and hats, and then work these sweet babies through a number of poses.  And of course, just hold and rock them, which was an added bonus as my baby is now eight and it’s not quite the same.   It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to incorporating all I learned to my next newborn session, which could be any day now!  Here are some of the images I captured…


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“One”derful {Kirkland, WA family photographer}

I was so excited to photograph this adorable one-year-old and her family in the gorgeous sunshine last weekend, especially as I had taken her newborn photos last year.  It is so amazing to see how much the little ones change in a year!  Miss “K” still has her beautiful head of hair, round cheeks and bright blue eyes, but add on talking and walking and busy, busy, busy!  It made for a very fun session.

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Growing up so fast {Kirkland, WA baby photographer}

It’s hard to believe that the year went by so fast and this little sweetheart just celebrated her first birthday! Just look how much she’s grown… she’s turned into such a smart, spirited and happy girl!  I’m so honored to be have been able to share in and document her amazing development with her lovely parents.  It’s so fun to see how much they change, and yet stay the same…  first photo is newborn, then six months, the rest at a year.


6 months later… {Kirkland, WA baby photographer}

I love watching babies grow and change, but unless you’re in the moment, you forget how quickly it happens.  Which is why baby plan photography packages are so handy — you receive professional images to mark each of the big milestones.  This cutie-pie was so happy and LOVED the camera, as you can tell.  I’ve included one of her newborn pictures, so you can see the changes for yourself.  Pretty incredible.  And still adorable.